About us

HCM City Medical Import Export Joint – Stock Company YTECO was founded in 1984 (its precursor was Medical Import Export Company of Ho Chi Minh City). It was shifted from state –owned company into joint – stock company in August 2001.

After many years of operation and continuous development, up to now, YTECO has already established a wide distribution network across the nation, including branches, wholesale and retail store selling pharmaceutical and medical equipment in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi Capital and other big cities of Vietnam. Thanks to it, YTECO can frequently supply goods to other pharmaceutical enterprises, big hospitals, medical centers, and pharmacies in the whole country.

In addition, YTECO also has a system of modern storages with the area of almost 2000 m2 meeting GSP standard to ensure the goods quality for the service of human health. With a lot of multi-propose in means of goods transport, it may be said that this is a strong position for YTECO to become one of the best companies in serving and caring for customers.

YTECO has fairly diversified kinds of services: trading, importing and exporting pharmaceuticals, vaccines, bio-products, test chemicals, serums, medical equipment, raw materials, machines used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals; for leasing out warehouses, offices; establishing custom procedure; delivering, receiving and transporting goods; corporate finance supporting;…

Having potential and available strength, plus a lot of experts, and enthusiastic, professional and experienced staff; YTECO meets the necessary factors to joint the rank of the leading companies in the public health sector of Vietnam and of Southeast Asia in the future.

Being an organization with large domestic and overseas business relationship, under the motto “regulating interests and duties of our customers for co-developing and co-growing up”, YTECO has taken and is taking to make full play of its advantages to serve the public health better and better, in order to affirm its leading position in the public health sector, not only in Vietnam, but also in the region and the world over.


• Trading, import and export of pharmaceutical products, medical materials, medical equipment, vaccines – please, biological, chemical tests, cosmetics, milk, nutrition, eyeglasses.

• Provide import and export services, customs brokerage.

• Repair and maintenance of machinery and medical equipment.

• Lease of warehouse and office.

• Provide financial assistance through the system dealing with reputable banks nationwide.

• Sales of multi-discipline.

  • VISION: Yteco strives for becoming the leading company in Vietnam in business, services, distribution products, manufacture and investment.
  • MISSION: YTECO devotedly contributes to protecting human’s health, improving quality of life and lengthening human’s longevity.

Director General

Mr. Trịnh Đào Cung
Mr. Trịnh Đào CungChief Executive Officer

Core values

  • Fastest
  • The most accurate
  • Best Quality

Business Philosophy

  • Trademark
  • Profits
  • Investment Diversification

1- Trying our best to develop the value and the image of the TRADENAME OF YTECO in the consumers’ heart and mind, widening market share, increasing reliability and raising the level of business management.

2- Unexhaustedly striving for raising our profit, strengthening the capacity in payment, actively pursuing the policy of widening sales, effectively utilizing financial resources, and reasonably investing in human resources.

3- Boldly diversifying investment, developing distribution system in many branches, actively supplying the products and services responding to the needs of domestic and regional market, strengthening international trade relationship, and gradually extending into the international market.


1- Constructing and adjusting strategy of growth suiting changes.

2- Affirming global strategy as the foundation of Enterprise.

3- Organizing and managing basing on modern management technology.

4- Interested in the community and establishing social relations.

5- Making full use of support from domestic and international organizations.

6- Consistently carrying out training and retraining.

7- Utilizing and systematizing brain.


1- Re-gaining customers and suppliers: Utilizing the Business and Market Development Strategies.

2- Growing in disadvantage circumstances: Utilizing the Marketing Strategy.

3- Improving the general financial situation: Utilizing the Enterprise Financial Strategy.

4- Reconstructing the Enterprise: Utilizing the Human Resources Strategy.

5- Re – establishing the value and the image of the tradename of YTECO: Utilizing the Public Relations Strategy.


1- Actively pursuiting the policy of widening sales

2- Rationalizing all operations of the enterprise.

3- Lowering expenses.


YTECO carries out the import and export service as follows:

– Negotiating, signing sales contracts with foreign partners to import and export goods from foreign countries to Vietnam and vice versa.

– Registering visa number to do business pharmaceuticals.

– Announcing the quality standard of cosmetics and functional foods.

– Making dossiers of application for import license of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials, medical equipment.

– Carrying out customs formalities for all – in importing goods in pharmaceutical area and relating areas (including transport.).

– Carrying out formalities for importing and exporting goods.

– Consulting professional skills for importing and exporting goods, especially in pharmaceutical area.

– Storing goods in warehouses gaining standards according to regulations of Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

* The good points of import and export service of Yteco:

– Yteco has extreme experience over 20 years in importing and exporting pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

–   Professional activities base on Standard Operation Procedures system to manage and follow up whole process of carrying out import contracts, customs formalities until goods stored in dedicated warehouses.

– Fees of import and export service are always reasonable and competitive.

– Team of active young staff is continuously trained for professional skills and updated specialized information, under control of many years experienced managers in pharmaceutical area.

– Creating advantages for customers by diversified additional services, support plans for customers’ actual needs.

– Giving perfect supply service chain to customers: import – transport – storage – distribution.

– Location of the head quarter of Yteco is very convenient for dealing with customers and foreign suppliers.

* Commitment to customers about import and export service:

– Ensuring customers’ benefits when representing customers to negotiate with foreign partners.

– Ensuring to obey the conditions of international trade when signing import and export contracts.

– Good in intermediate role between manufacturers and domestic customers; well combining with relating partners in order to choose the best ways for importing goods.

– In time to transfer information to customers about process of carrying out import and export service.

– The shortest duration in carrying out service, the best quality of service with supply service chain: import – transport – storage – distribution.